Our Expertise

  • We are a group of EE Experts with an extensive background in various sectors of semiconductor industries, including IC Design (IBM, TI, Intel, AMD), EDA (Cadence, Synopsys) and Manufacturing (TSMC, GF).
  • We have the passion for “continuous/ lifelong” learning and enjoy sharing our expertise with world-wide IC design community.

Our Services

  • IC Design/ Methodology Consulting
  • High-end IC Design Training

Uniqueness of CatalyteIC Trainings

  • Covering the entire spectrum of IC Design
  • Modular course contents- addressing the needs of designers at all level
  • EDA tool and Technology independent. Emphasizing on the "basic concepts" with simplified "real world" examples
  • Course Developers- Industry experts with average 10-20 years of "real-world" experience in their areas of expertise
  • Course Instructors- 10-15 years experience with Leading-edge IC design houses.

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