IC ESD protection- Design, optimization and qualification

IC ESD protection- Design, optimization and qualification

The approach of this intensive Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection design training is to teach attendees to develop their own solutions rather than applying pre-defined design receipts. The training is aiming along developing a good understanding about:
- the different ESD events relevant to the ESD design specifications- HBM,CDM, IEC;
- the methodologies to develop custom ESD solutions from component to chip-PCB design levels in different semiconductor technologies and for different design applications - digital, RF , mixed signal and high -voltage
- the use of CAD simulation tools to design and optimize new ESD components and circuits
- ESD design and review work flow and how to develop and use ESD design verification rules
- methods and hardware for ESD testing and product qualification
- principles and approaches for ESD failure troubleshooting on IC level
In addition to discussions on the above topics, real-time demo and discussions on common problems are planned thus giving the attendees the possibility to interact with their colleagues and the lecturer, and possibly find solution to their specific design problems or understand better a particular concept.

Currently Scheduled Course Dates

  • Jan 18, 2011 - Dallas, TX
  • Jan 20, 2011 - Austin, TX

What you'll learn from this course

  • Detailed understanding of ESD events in IC's
  • Methodology for designing ESD protection networks for a wide range of IC's
  • Circuit Modeling and simulation considerations
  • Product ESD qualification methods and considerations
  • ESD product troubleshooting and design fix

Course Prerequisite

  • Basic understanding of the physical operation of semiconductor structures- diodes, MOSFET, BJT, SCRs,
  • Basic understanding of electrical circuits operation and design. More in-depth circuit design knowledge or experience is helpful for understanding the advanced design concepts in Analog/RF/mixed signal applications
  • Basic knowledge about Spice level circuit simulation

Overview of the course

  • ESD protection IC design principles and solutions at technology, component, IP module, full chip and PCB board levels
    • Typical reliability problems of the silicon based IC's
    • ESD stress models and related failure mechanisms and signatures
    • Basic ESD silicon device physics- CMOS and Bipolar technology devices behavior ( diodes, FET's, BJT's passives) and properties in CDM and HBM ESD events
    • ESD standards
    • ESD design flow
    • ESD design - ESD components & ESD library Cells
    • ESD design - integrated circuit module and full chip level design for :
      1. digital, analog, RF and high-voltage applications
    • ESD design - System (IC + PCB) level
  • Digital, analog, RF and high-voltage applications
    • ESD product review and verification methodology
    • ESD protection computer aided design (CAD) simulation principles and tools
      1. TCAD simulation methodology and tools
      2. 'Spice' simulation methodology for ESD and required tools
    • ESD IC verification principles and tools
      1. general ESD design verification steps for digital and analog IC's
      2. existing verification tools and features
    • ESD test methods and hardware for ESD development and product qualification
      1. understanding IC ESD testing and test definition : CDM, HBM
      2. HBM and SDM ESD machines: what they do to IC's, problems
      3. TLP and very fast TLP testing: purpose, systems, understanding the results
      4. HBM ESD test program writing
    • ESD product qualification and product troubleshooting principles
      1. ATE requirements to help ESD qualification and troubleshooting
      2. ESD test DOE
      3. what to do when the IC fails ESD test: basic workflow and actions

Sample slides

Who Should Attend

  • IC design engineer
  • Layout engineers
  • Product/test engineers
  • New college graduates (BS, MS or PhD)
  • Experienced engineers transitioning into this field
  • Managers of design/testing/qualification unit

Course Materials

  • A hardcopy of the "Presentation materials" will be included as part of the course.

Instructor's Profile: Dr.Vesselin Vassilev.

The lecturer of this ESD training series is Dr.Vesselin Vassilev. Dr. Vassilev has more than 12years of experience in the area of ESD technology, devices and IC design, developing his career both in academia and industry. Dr. Vassilev holds Master of Applied Physics Degree from the University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and EE Ph.D. Degree from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Before establishing Novorell Technologies, a startup company developing ESD EDA software solutions and providing ESD design consultancy services to companies worldwide, Dr. Vassilev held career positions related to ESD design support at IMEC, Belgium and Texas Instruments, Dallas, USA . Dr. Vassilev has contributed to more than 40 publications and 2 patents on ESD related topics. He is presently acting as the General Chair for the 2010 EOS/ESD Symposium.

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